SolaH I is a smart controller for solar thermal systems. It is a novel device that can intelligently optimize all sources and consumers of heating energy in order to maximize the saving and to be energy efficient by itself. The controller increases the share of the sustainable solar energy usage and provides an easy incorporation with existing heating systems. It allows precise control, monitoring, effective usage of solar energy and significant cost reduction.

SolaH provides the following benefits for the customers:
● Affordable price
● Variety of easy to use user interfaces
● Rich connectivity
● Advanced control for extra savings
● Advanced protections for high reliability

Currently SolaH is available in two models:
● SolaH D – designed for domestic usage
● SolaH I – fits best for industrial applications, because it has more inputs and outputs ports.

Historically SolaH I was the device that we originally designed with many nice features and comprehensive number of inputs and output that the customer might need.

SolaH D has reduced number of outputs, just enough for the common customer (2 pumps, 1 heater, 1 discrete 220 V, 1 discrete 12 V and 1 for motor-driver valve), but it is very affordable, smart, has rich connectivity (WiFi, Bluetooth and Ethernet) and various UIs (display, standalone web UI, home automation integration and our web platform).

For more details about SolaH D model click here.

For more details about solaH I model click here.