Analytics and AI

Recent trend in any industries is that generating data from different sources become relatively easy, so now analysing the data is the biggest challenge.

All HPC devices are smart, i.e. provide network connectivity. That allows to collect data from many sources such as smart buildings, industrial factories, agricultural fields and even human bodies.

There are two main methods for detecting anomalies in the data:

  1. Rule based: Uses certain rules to define what is normal and flags if any of the rules has been triggered.
  2. Machine Learning: Create a model of trustworthy activity, and then compare new behaviour against this model.  Used to train classifiers in order to recognize the normality.

Our experts have are experienced in distributed systems and big data technologies including stream data applications such as:

  1. Security – Fraud and intruder detection
  2. Healthcare – Detecting anomalies in vital human body functions
  3. Environment – Early detecting of disasters
  4. Gaming and Gambling – Response to user activities in real time
  5. e-Commerce – Finding the lowest price
  6. e-Media – Personalization of the content
  7. Industry – Fault detection and prevention maintenance