The part mates M8 male connector to M8 male connector without the need to rotate them. This part can rotate its two sides relatively to each other.

Hex (wrench) size 12mm

Total length: 12mm

Thread M8x1mm

The nut fits PULSEROLLER and Industrial Software conveyor control cards such as: ConveyLinx, ConveyLinx-Ai, ConveyLinx-Ai2, MotionLinx-Ai, ConveyLinx Ai3 (ConveyLinx Ai3-FC, ConveyLinx Ai3-RC). It also fits ECDriveS SEW drive system with ECC-DFC-24-00 control card. It allows you to connect Banner or other photo sensors or M8 extension cable with external male thread to the card.


3D model (step file)

Prices and order

All prices include VAT, EXW

Number of piecesPrice per piece (EUR)Shipment timePrepayment
102.201 week100%
1001.701 week100%
10001.301 week100%
100001.052 months50%

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